jueves, 28 de mayo de 2020

“Good morning, Estrella!” - (In English)

Dense tongues of smoke rose from the cup, imbuing the kitchen with that characteristic aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The teaspoon span once and again, helped by her fingers, while she smiled, thinking of everything that had brought her to that moment. She decided she would have the coffee on the terrace, so she went there. As she walked down the corridor, she saw herself reflected in a mirror and smiled when she saw her tangled hair, completely different from how well-groomed it had been the night before. Sipping the coffee, she continued until she entered the balcony and felt the morning breeze. She sat down on a chair and placed her bare feet on the bottom of the railing.
She reflected on how happy she was. She could not believe that after so many love failures she was going to find happiness with someone like Ramón, totally contrary to the prototype of boys she had dated before. Three years later, and just as it happened the morning after that incredible night, she was wearing her Captain America T-shirt, which was so large that even the shirt collar slipped down to reveal her shoulder. She had an immense affection for the garment, as it led to the first conversation between the two of them on the dance floor. It all started at that moment, so she considered that shirt as magical.

Suddenly, she heard the apartment door open and the characteristic sound of Ramón´s keys being deposit in the ceramic bowl next to the entrance. His footsteps could be heard approaching down the hall, but they stopped a few meters before reaching the terrace. Puzzled, she turned her head to look toward de terrace door expecting to see him appear at any moment. She heard how Ramón took a deep breath and resumed his walk towards the balcony. Estrella´s eyes widened when she saw, in his trembling hands, a gold ring. She dropped the cup of coffee, ran to him to hug him and whispered in his ear:
—You are finally mine, Steve Rogers —and then she kissed Ramón on the lips, winked at him and finally snatched the ring from his hands and went to the terrace running through the corridor, while Ramón hurried behind saying:
—Hey, give it back to me! It´s still mine, I have not made the question yet, shameless! —At the same time that Estrella's guffaw was heard in the background, while she circumvented the table and surrounded the sofa pursued by her future husband.
Translated by
Pepe Gallego                                                         Ariadna B.Alonso

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