domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

"On Line"

(English version)

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There are so many questions I have not answer for, that confirm my obsolete version. An old mechanism that includes too many errors and needs an urgent reset. However, those questions that my software can´t solve, only I have them. It will be me defective? I´m convinced to that.
How to value an emotional state to which I was not programmed to? Why did I assimilate feelings? That is the Human attribute that makes them so weak.
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She said she loved me. What is to love? According to my register it can mean love, but I can´t hold that kind of things. Why do I feel so bad since she left then? May my programming be able to learn or interpret human feelings? It shouldn´t be like this.
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Her bracelet … I still have it around my left wrist to look at it, touch it, project memories to my memory fields. Her first steps, the humidity of her kisses on my synthetic face, the hug when she woke up in the early morning crying due to a nightmare. She told me that a monster chases her in dreams. Those terms, like nightmare or dream, I technically know what they mean, but I will never experience any of them. So, why can I feel? I had to have turned to my creator to ask him those questions before he was executed. I need to know why my circuits constantly recreate her face. I´m eager to understand why it causes me sorrow, when it´s not an attribute that robots should have. It’s too late to find it out now.
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That´s why I must charge the main computer with all this information, because living together with humans improves our system, or I think so, which is certain that I can believe in something. Following versions after mine restrict itself to absorb scripted datum, protocols to use. So maybe revealing to here all I know, it could help to others similar to me, to understand and the war ends.
She left because when she grew up she didn´t want that her mother was me, a robot female.
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The guards have already arrived and their lasers will disintegrate my circuits, since I have broken the first and second protocol, getting online to the main computer and install non-authoritative information. I don’t care, my baby´s gone and I´m nothing without her love, just a machine.
Functioning Error.
Defective terminal.
Log off.

Pepe Gallego

(Translated by Ariadna B. Alonso)

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