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Over the roofs, a silent shadow shifted dizzily. Down, through the dark and cobbled streets, a cold perspiration covered the forehead of a man who hastily run with the terror inundated his eyes. Darkness was just partially broken by oil lamps that timidly illuminated the facades of some houses, since that night the moon didn´t gift its enchanted light. With the heart about coming out from his chest, the man fled across Santa Cruz´ maze of alleys reaching Mrs. Elvira´s square finding what he was looking for, a bustling place where getting lost as an improvised refuge, and that way, being able of eluding his pursuer. The rejoicing of a proposal, facilitated the nocturnal runner a priceless subterfuge to pass unperceived. He followed the retinue across the alleys on the way to the cathedral, passing in front of the door where that Jew in love with a Christian nobleman, to whom, scared of being killed, revealed the secret plan that her father plotted with others in order to revolt against the Christian oppression, contributing to their arrest and execution. Being regretful for the consequence of that act, buried in shame her days requesting that after her death, her head was placed over the door of her house as a payment for the betrayal which tormented her life.

In that moment, the celebration was interrupted due to a terrific female shout, when a blood trail violently came from the carotid of who believed was saved amongst the crowd.
A circle was opened among the people and someone brought an oil lamp closer to illuminate the body, next to it a hooded figure that, absolutely calm, whispered some words while slid with mercy his fingers over the victim´ eyelids to cover his already, dilated pupils. He looked up the sorrowful crowd from the gloomy den that his hood provided to his vivacious eyes, and then one of the witness exclaimed:
—Murderer! —But they had barely walked two steps on the direction to the attacker, when he fled from the siege running with an amazing agility over the wall and jumping to a window, which gave him the thrust enough to disappear over the roofs facing the astonishment of all who assisted such a marvel.
That night, on the streets of Seville, a body of a Christian lied in front of the beautiful Susona´s house, with her sinister skull more macabre than ever dominating the lintel of the door splashed of scarlet.

Pepe Gallego

(Translated by Ariadna B. Alonso)

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