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“Kannibaal, the ogre”

(English version)

Toorn was in front of the Arch of Sacrifices, leaning on his ax, with a knee on the ground, and murmuring a few words in that sacred place where some many times he had been taking as offerings mutilated heads of his human enemies. But this time the inequality before his adversary didn’t benefit the Chaos warrior. This time the rival almost triple him in size. And not just that, but also in power and ferocity. Woedend approached Toorn, and waited for him to finish with his prayers. When he did so, he stood up looking at her to listen what she was about to say.

—Nobody knows how, he simply appeared out from nowhere. Nothing is known about him, only what the desperate human who got to the village asking for help told us. He said that he is an ogre called Kannibaal and he’s destroying everything he finds on his way.

—But, that is not possible, it’s supposed that ogres were a breed that extinguished long time ago. In fact, they fell because of the Trolls, and these have been living in the mountains for centuries.

—Well, it may have not fallen all of them, because this one is very alive, and he is not taking prisoners on the way, as the troll´ skull tied to his shoulder or the head of the wretched human that hang form his chest shows.

Toorn was pensive and when he was about to talk, a noise resounded at the bottom of the lounge. Woedend looked at him with wide-open eyes, but it was Toorn who talked putting his helmet on.

—He must have followed you, be ready, it may be this one our last battle.

Toorn took his shield with his left hand and squeezed with the right one the handle of his ax waiting for the action. Woedend moved in zigzag between the columns searching for the right place to aim his bow from and to hit with his arrows. The wooden door and the stone-lintels that the door was attached to, were blown up in pieces and showed up the imposing silhouette of Kannibaal. He was brandishing in his hands a piece of log with all kinds of weapons attached to it, from swords to axes, also lances and many arrows. He stood still staring at the Warriors of Chaos, calculating the situation, and they could notice in his look the lack of guilty feeling. He was a destructive killing machine that wouldn’t stop before nothing or nobody, and now he was going for them.
Toorn didn’t wait anymore and started to run towards the ogre. Woedend kept the breath and stretched the bow.
Kannibaal, turning the cold expression of his eyes into a latent madness that presaged an infinite thirst of blood, leant back his body to give more movement and brutality to his imminent attack.

Pepe Gallego                                 Translated by Ariadna B.Alonso

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